New Zombie Mob!

on 03/23/2011 by christopher 2 Comments

Everyone loves zombies these days. Zombies zombies zombies. I mean, seriously, I’ve thought about how easy it would be to write a PhD dissertation on zombie fascination as an organic byproduct of contemporary society. Everyone thinks their consciousness is unique, and that their existence on earth is somehow singular. Solipsism is really natural, and zombie daydreaming gives us an outlet to exercise those ideas. In a zombie apocalypse, your singular nature would be actualized.

I digress…

We decided that it would be fun to have hordes of one-hit-kill mobs in our game. But our current mobs didn’t quite fit the bill. Most of them had spears, and swords, and seemed like they should be able to put up a fight.

Violating every good instinct that I wrote about having two days ago, I decided to sit down and model, texture, rig, animate, and render a new mob before testing the swarm mechanics inside of the game. Because I’m just that motivated to think about zombies.

One day of 3D production resulted in this cute little guy:


Sorry about the crappy anti-aliasing. He doesn’t appear like that in the game, but I didn’t know how to optimize the .gif to remove it.

2 Responses to “New Zombie Mob!”

  1. Joey says:

    Looking good … er, I mean … Auurughhau!

  2. Vithiet says:

    Yeah, I am not sure what the zombie fascination is all about. Now if you introduce a zombie unicorn however…

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